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We are freelance architects who specializes in functional design, web development, mobile apps, software integration, security and optimization. Our journey started out as a necessity, as we could not find a complete integrated solution, at a reasonable cost. So we embarked on a journey to build it ourselves. In the process we discovered that building apps and websites is a pleasurable enjoyment rather than feeling like work.

With over 20 years of IT experience, we produce world class products with high end stability, quality and speed. We have meticulously crafted the ultimate offerings with love and care. With robust, sleek elegance and loads of  features & functionality, our apps and websites are unquestionably the best value at unbeatable pricing.


Our focus.

We care. We deliver. We create.
Web Design

Our revolutionary system empowers users to unlock their website's full potential, by updating all the content dynamically from their facebook account

UX Design

User experience is at the heart of great design, therefore we create user and customer experiences designed to have engaging user interfaces

Functional Design

We ensure that every aspect of our products are intuitive, so that everything is simplified and easy to use with a minimal learning curve for the user

App Development

Professional mobile apps with comprehensive features does not need to be costly. We have created a robust mobile app that is sleek and elegant yet lightning fast

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”



Our team.

We are here to provide quality work.
Petrus b&w
Petrus Vermaak

Founder, CEO & Engineer

Kajal Vermaak

Chief Financial Officer


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The Website Kings in detail

We design things with love and passion.

Super fast

Our websites are built for speed and all our source code has been optimized to ensure that everything loads lightning fast.


Optimized for mobile

Our technology adapts to any device and always delivers a great user experience. It’s extensively  optimized to provide the best performance with a great look and feel.


Revolutionary concept

The base design of our websites have been integrated to work with facebook, which enables you to run your entire website  without having to log in to the site or go on a html course. This means you can add new content on your website right from your facebook page.



The source code used in our websites are structured in a way that Google understands and appreciates, thus helping your site rank better in search results. It’s also compatible with your own content updates from facebook.


Comprehensive Security

As backups are the first defense, we store them securely in the cloud to quickly restore your site in case something bad was to happen.

We incorporate state of the art firewall & protection software to secure our websites, along with security hardening, to provide you with peace of mind.


Product Offerings.

We've designed affordable comprehensive solutions at unbeatable pricing.

Start your journey with us now



Some feedback from our customers.

Why Select Our Product?

We understand your needs and provide quality offerings that work.

Research shows that 96% of people in today’s age are only engaged through a mobile app.


Technology that is easy to understand and simplistic to use, for both the user and owner, straight out of the box.


We’ve crafted a full complete offering that meets all your needs into one single package.


People prefer to have state of the art technology, convenient at their fingertips.

Consistent Clear

People are more likely to attend if they are able to see event details in a regular, timely yet convenient fashion.


Our systems are designed for security and protection, we use SSL encryption for safe and secure online transactions.


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